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 Model Horse Saddlery And Accessories

Tack, Accessories and Props

Choose from 
English - Saddles; Bridles
Western - Saddles; Bridles
Arabian - Halters; Presentation Sets; Saddles
Halters/Headcollars Lunge Cavessons 
Saddlery Accessories Legwear; Saddlepads; Bit Rings; Saddle bags; Lunging Accessories; Fly Fringes; Girth Covers
Props Whips/Crops; Saddle Stands; Tack Trunks
Misc. Western Trail Props; Jump Props 

Custom Order

Want to have a personally made item to your specification? Send an Email through 
contact us to discuss your requirements.

Want to have your Stable Colours?
Nylon Headcollars 
Arabian Halters 
Coloured Browbands
Girth Covers
Elastic Girths/Breast Girths
Saddle Covers Etc are some of the Coloured Items Available 
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