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Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any questions not answered here or on our policies page please contact us. 
  • What Size Tack do you make?
    Mainly Traditional and Classic Sized - However if you can help with measurements of the model you want it to fit,  then anything is a go - Keep a look at our Sales page as from time to time MiniWhinnie (1:64 scale) Stablemate (1:32 scale) and other Scale Items may be Available.
  • Do you Ship Internationally?
    Yes we will post items worldwide. Please see our Policies page.
  • What Methods of Payment Do You Accept?
    Paypal and Uk Postal Orders and Money Orders are accepted With Postal and Money orders subject to Clearing and Cashing before any items will be sent out. 
  • Can you only get Solstice Sky Studio Items Via this website?
    No, At times Items will be available through  mh$p or  ebay.
  • Will you update existing model tack?
    Only with the original Tack Makers permission if its not a SSS piece. 
  • Will you Trade?
    Trades are Taken at discretion. Please contact us after reading our  policies  on Trades. 

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