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English Tack Price List

Please Message to enquire about prices I do my best to keep these prices up to date but due to changing costs of leather, Materials and hardware, prices are subject to change to those shown below. 

Prices Given are for Leather as Idea for Create Your Own  - Please use the  Contact us or make an enquiry for other scales and or materials. 
Price lists given here are for a close idea of what your own will cost. 
Leather Colours - Black, Brown, Tan, White, Grey, Dark Green, Burgundy. Other Colours can be Custom Dyed at additional Cost.


Headpiece and Throatlash From £2.00 
Cheek pieces From £1.50 per pair for plain attachment to bit. 
Billet Cheek pieces From £2.50 per pair 
Buckle Cheek pieces From £2.00 per pair
Sliphead for Double bridle curb bit From £2.00 
Bits - Prices from
Handmade Snaffle Loose Ring Bit £1.00  - can custom colour mouthpiece if wanted.
Photo Etched Double Bit From £1.00
Photo Etched Kimblewick Bit From £1.00
Cast Bits - Price on Enquiry - depending on type of bit wanted and supplier cost.
  • Plain Leather  £1.00
  • Raised £2.00
  • Padded £2.00
  • Ribbon/Fancy £3.00
  • Bling £3.00
  • Clencher/Chain £4.00
Nosebands - Prices From 
  • Cavesson   £2.50
  • Padded  £3.00
  • Raised £3.00
  • Flash £3.50
  • Drop £3.00
  • Grackle £3.50
  • Austrianlian Cheeker  £3.00
  • Crank £4.50
Reins -Prices From 
Choose from Plain attachment to bit or leather Loop Attachment no additional charge 
Slip Buckle Attachment to bit Add £0.25
Tongue Buckle Attachment Add £0.50
Billet Attachment to Bit Add £1.00
  • Plain Leather £2.50
  • Web /nylon - Custom colours available. £1.50
  • Rubber - custom colours available. £2.00
  • Continental - custom colours available. £3.50
  • Threaded £5.00
  • Plaited £6.50
  • Curb £2.00 (narrower, no buckle at riders hands, slightly shorter than standard reins for use on double bridle)
Prices From -
Irish Martingale £2.50 
Running Martingale £4.50
Standing Martingale £3.50
Bit Rings £0.50
Elastic Breast Girth  £4.50
Hunting Breast Plate £6.00
5 Point Breast Plate £6.50
Side Reins £4.50
Draw Reins  £4.00
Leather Girth £5.00
Elastic Girth £4.00 *can be custom coloured
Dressage Girth £5.00
Elastic Over Girth £4.00 *Can be custom coloured
Girth Sleeve £2.00 
Stud Guard (attaches to exsisting girth) £4.00 
Not including accessories ie girth ~ Prices From
Basic English Saddle £35.00
Pony English Saddle £45.00 
General Purpose English Saddle  £45.00
Dressage Saddle £50.00
Jumping/Cross Country Saddle £50.00
Racing Saddle - £35.00
Endurance Saddle £50.00
Bareback Pad £15.00 
Other Items 
Quarter Exercise Sheet  - TBC
Reflective/Fluorescent Quarter Exercise Sheet -TBC


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